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Toxic Proteins Build Up In The Brain

Jim McMahon, like many retired pro football players, suffers from the effects of multiple hits to the head. For McMahon, it led to intense pain coupled with pressure in his head, as well as memory loss. There was no escape from the throbbing each heartbeat pounded his head with. Medically, McMahon has been diagnosed with early onset dementia, memory loss, severe headaches and depression. It was the next diagnosis, from an upper cervical chiropractor, that would drastically improve his life.

A structural shift of the first and second vertebrae was altering the flow of cerebrospinal fluid into and out of McMahons skull, ultimately leading to a buildup of toxic proteins in the brain. After his first structural correction to restore the alignment of the upper cervical neck, there was an immediate change. "When they first did it to me, it was like the toilet flushed," McMahon said. "I thought to myself, 'No wonder I can hear my heart beating. It was bang, bang, bang.' I was having trouble speaking. I couldn't see clearly. But as soon as [the doctor] moved those bones, it was amazing."

This build up of toxic proteins affects different control centers in the brain, leading to varied conditions depending on where the greatest buildup of toxic proteins is.  For some, this causes severe headaches and memory issues, while in others it can lead to autonomic dysregulation or immune complex dysfunction. The procedure to correct this misalignment to the foundational segment of the spine was noninvasive, and is a core component of the, structural care offered at Foundation Chiropractic. The actual correction involves 5-10 lbs of force delivered in such a specific way that there is no rotating or resultant ‘cracking’ of the neck. Restoring the flow of spinal fluid as well as removing tension from the brainstem by structurally aligning the upper cervical spine can be beneficial in alleviating many conditions.

While a structural shift it isn't the cause of every person's problems, it has the potential to be. To find out if this type of care may benefit you, contact our office to set up a complimentary consultation.