Foundation Fitness

Discover Foundation Fitness Center. A 24hr fitness center offering an array of services including VO2 Max, Base Metabolic Rate Testin, and Structural Chiropractic.


Group and individual coaching

We recommend that all individuals participate in our Foundations class to learn the most appropriate lifts as well as the correct form and technique. We want everyone to have the chance to learn so we offer a two week complimentary trial on our Foundations class.  

You are able to, at any time, choose to utilize a coach for one-on-one or small group coaching. They will walk you through 30 min to 1 hour sessions and can cover any of our services that you wish to utilize.

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Programs and classes designed for your weight loss goals in Indiana, PA.

Programs and classes designed for your weight loss goals in Indiana, PA.


We offer a complimentary consultation to answer all of your questions about how personal coaching/training works at our facility. We will explain what assessments will be used to design your plan, what the initial phase of training is, how the reassessment works, how much the program will cost, as well as our protection plan. We also will answer any other questions you have before you pay for a single session. 

Group Classes

We offer classes based on your preference. Contact us to find out if we can offer what you are looking for. We can hold classes for up to 4 people, and they can be scheduled to be most convenient for you. Rates start at $15 per person, per session.