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New Years Body Transformation challenge


Dates: Challenge runs Jan 1st to April 3rd

There will be no public display of the weigh in or your weight.

Three prizes will be awarded to those who score the most points in the mini challenges ($75, $50, $25). Participants earn 0.5 points for participating in an event, and 0.75 for winning an event.

(See calendar at bottom of page for schedule of events)

One (1) grand prize of $500 will be awarded to the person who earns the most points during the challenge (minimum participation required). Points are awarded for percentage of body weight lost as well as participation in mini challenges.



Jenn weighs 200lbs, and loses 20lbs. That is ten percent of her bodyweight, so she would earn 10 points.

Jenn participates in all mini challenges, but doesn't win any. She would earn an additional 5 points (10 x 0.5),  for a total score of 15 points.


$50 - Core Package

You’re in! You can win the grand prize

You get to participate in weekly Mini Challenges with prizes

You are able to attend our Nutrition Classes (see calendar for schedule)


$125 - Core Plus package

bmr test pic.jpeg

Core package plus:

Base Metabolic Rate Test (How many calories you burn)

VO2 Max Test (How many calories burned while exercising)

Personalized Weight Loss Outline.


$395 - Blueprinted Foundation Weight Loss Package

Core Plus Package plus:

3 Month 24/7 gym membership

Unlimited Inferno Group Workout Classes

Foundation’s Learn to Workout Class

Comprehensive, personalized weight loss guide.

(3 Month Payment Plan available)

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